About me

In a nutshell

I am an ERP expert with more than 7 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics AX for the logistics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. I also have experience in retail and e-commerce business.

With my expert knowledge I deal with many different aspects of ERP system implementations. My profound understanding of industry-specific requirements enables me to customize the system to the needs of the customer. Thanks to my education in business informatics, I am an excellent interface between customers and developers. Furthermore, I have a deep understanding of the integration of other systems.

My services include consulting activities such as process consulting, process analysis, ERP consulting and support with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 Finance.

Christian Serrano

My personal story

Every beginning is hard! Getting here hasn't always been easy for me. But I wouldn't change anything for the world. My experiences have made me what I am today - and I have learned from my mistakes. My customers can profit from this today.

I studied business information technology at the University of Paderborn. I successfully completed this study with a diploma. The studies were followed by a 6-month work and travel stay in Australia. During this time outside my comfort zone, my personality has developed to a high degree. After my return home I worked in Luxembourg for about 8 years. After 2 more years of permanent employment in Cologne, I took the plunge into self-employment - and have not regretted it so far. I am convinced that I can better bring in my own strengths and values here - for myself and for my clients. Due to my studies of business informatics I have profound knowledge in IT and business administration. During my previous activities I was able to gain valuable experience in the logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical and eCommerce sectors.

I shape my private life in such a way that I always want to bring out the best for myself and my fellow men. This includes the personal will to learn something new every day and to constantly develop my personality. For me, personality development means that I get to know myself and my wishes/goals better and better every day. This enables me to live and act according to my own values and strengths. In doing so, I always give only one person the responsibility for dealing with my life - myself.

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